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"As few true-crime books do today, Steve Epstein’s EVIL AT LAKE SEMINOLE captures the humanity of victim Mike Williams, while laying out a solid case with journalistic acuity and grace. Epstein takes readers deeply into the facts, offering a thrilling and, at times, heartbreaking journey. All at once sympathetic and riveting. A new voice in true crime, Epstein is a must read for fans of the genre." 

M. William Phelps, New York Times bestselling author of 41 books including WHERE MONSTERS HIDE, DANGEROUS GROUND, and several history titles.  He was also the creator and executive producer of Investigation Discovery's TO CATCH A KILLER and many other television series.

"Steve Epstein's EVIL AT LAKE SEMINOLE is the unputdownable story of the investigation into Mike Williams' disappearance while he was duck hunting on Florida's 37,000-acre reservoir.  I was initially frightened by the forbidding alligators and ultimately terrified by the cold-blooded human beings at the heart of the story.  This is a well-reported, gripping thriller about a case that baffled a family, a community, and law enforcement for nearly 20 years." 

Rebecca Morris, New York Times bestselling true-crime author of BOY MISSING:  The Search for Kyron Horman, IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU:  Susan Powell, Her Mysterious Disappearance and the Murder of Her Children, and A KILLING IN AMISH COUNTRY:  Sex, Betrayal and a Cold-Blooded Murder 


"A fascinating and riveting read.  In EVIL AT LAKE SEMINOLE, Epstein takes you on an incredible excursion through the amazing developments in a 17-year quest for justice.  You won't want to set it down until you reach the improbable conclusion." 

Diane Fanning, author of 26 books including DEATH ON THE RIVER, MOMMY'S LITTLE GIRL, and WRITTEN IN BLOOD

"Steve Epstein takes you on a wild ride as he leads you through a 17-year murder investigation that has more twists and turns than an upside down roller coaster. In his second true crime book, Epstein once again pairs in-depth research and eloquent prose with a fascinating story that promises to keep you turning the pages until the shocking conclusion."

Amanda Lamb, author of nine books including LOVE LIES, EVIL NEXT DOOR, and DEADLY DOSE

"Steve Epstein lays out every relevant detail of this story, from Mike Williams' humble beginnings and how they shaped him into the man he became to the long-awaited resolution of the confounding 17-year mystery surrounding his disappearance.  Epstein effectively describes what happened along the way until the truth finally boiled over, all while giving praise to the one individual who kept pursuing justice in spite of the massive toll it took on her.  I was locked into the story with every flip of the page." 

Tony Holt, founder and former host of the Sun Crime State podcast and reporter for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"Steve Epstein takes readers on an intense, harrowing journey to witness the EVIL AT LAKE SEMINOLE.  Frighteningly unforgettable!  A very exciting read I thoroughly enjoyed." 

Dan Zupansky, host of True Murder:  The Most Shocking Killers podcast and author of TROPHY KILL:  The "Shall We Dance" Murder

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