2/13/21       Steve interviewed by True Crime Mama blog       


12/16/20     Steve participates in 20th anniversary remembrance (pictured with

Cheryl Williams and Jennifer Portman)







10/30/20       Steve appears as featured guest on From the Front Porch podcast

7/19/20         Steve appears on "Murder at Midnight" on TalkRADIO in London, England




7/15/20         Steve appears as featured guest on True Crime Tuesday podcast

7/10/20         Article about Evil at Lake Seminole in Tallahassee Magazine

6/16/20         Steve appears as featured guest on True Murder podcast

6/15/20         Evil at Lake Seminole released on paperback and Kindle

6/8/20           Evil at Lake Seminole released on Audible with Steve as narrator 

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TalkRadio Part 2
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